01. The Client

Brandocs is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Gerard Greenan Consulting limited and was born to serve a specific need for a growing number of its clients. The ability of a company to control its branded literature and documentation is becoming more and more difficult to police as there are generally multiple authors within an organisation. The aim of Brandocs’ was to provide every client with the ability to create whilst remaining compliant to its brand guidelines.  

02. The Project

To design and develop a unique cloud-based system to help clients create on-brand
proposal documents. Using the latest technologies in software engineering Brandocs would provide its users with the ability to create multiple documents, in multiple locations around the world, making this product truly unique and an amazing asset to any Marketing or Business Development Team.

03. The Results

The successful design and development of the Brandocs Platform allows users to create, edit, and review company documents in real time from any location on any device. Its Instant access to Remote file management and Secure file sharing allow users all over the world to collaborate on all types of company documentation.



Complete Corporate Branding & Corporate Idenity


Platform Design

User Interface & User Experience


Product Development

Software Engineering & Platform Development


"For Years Brandocs has been both a dream and a labour of love. So many of our client over the years have invested heavily in the branding of their businesses and seem to lose control when internal communications are produced and/or updated. To this end, it was my intention to create a platform that gave the clients the freedom they desired but also the peace of mind to know that their brands would remain intact. Brandocs was officially launched in September 2018 and is being used in a number of businesses around the world"

Gerard Greenan, Founder & OwnerBrandocs limited

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